If you wish to remove your account and all your applications, you can do so at any time. To do this, please follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Visit https://my.iintegra.com/ and login using your username and password. If you don't know your password of have not set one yet, please see the instructions for resetting your password.
  2. Click on the Account link in the navigation
  3. Click on the "Remove your account" link on the left
  4. Select the box confirming you are not in dispute with any employers to whom you've applied.
  5. Click on the now active "Remove your Account" button.

There will be a short delay of one or two seconds before you are logged out of the system whilst it removes all your data.


  1. You will not be able to re-apply to any vacancies to which you applied to previously despite removing your account. 
    1. We use special hashing algorithms to anonymously track applications. 
    2. On any attempt to re-apply, your new information is hashed and compared against the existing anonymised tracking hashes.
  2. If you apply to further vacancies after your account has been removed, a fresh account will be created for you to activate and manage your applications.